The musical career of pianist Aksana Stahievitch began in Minsk (Belarus). She was born in 1981. She graduated from Republican College of Arts, studying with Lilia Galochkina and then entered to professor Zoya Kacharskaya’s class at the Belarusian Academy of Music. 

During the International Rudolf Firkušny Piano Competition in Prague, she was awarded a special prize, offered by Charles University, for an excellent performance of music by Czech composers Leoš Janaček and Bedrich Smetana.

Aksana Stahievitch was a student in the Master Program at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam studying with professor Naum Grubert and professor Håkon Austbø.

Having a great interest in the music of Scriabin, Aksana participated in the Sixth International Competition of the Russian Scriabin Conservatoire in Paris where she was awarded 2nd prize. She also made a Master Research on topic: “Scriabin and Debussy. Parallel roads in life and music”, which was successfully presented at The Conservatory in Amsterdam.

Another award she received was 3rd prize at the International Nikolai Rubinstein Competition in Paris-Bagnolet. As a Special prize from the Jury, Aksana Stahievitch was invited to participate in Masterclasses by Peter Eicher and Igor Lazko in Mannheim.

Aksana is playing many recitals as well as chamber concerts, with singers and “quatre mains” in different halls of  Belarus and The Netherlands. She did projects with Amsterdam Opera choir, Volendam Opera Choir, accompanied masterclasses with Ronald Klekamp, piano coaching for production of opera Medea, concerts with Opera perTutti.

During the years of studying in Amsterdam Aksana started to give piano lessons. She has a big desire in it. Her teaching practice is located at Amsterdam and Amstelveen.