Welcome to the new study Year!

Dear students and parents,

Congratulations on the beginning of new study year!

Wish you a lot of new music, inspiration and sucсess!

Looking forward to lessons and a new concert season! :)

Summer Concert Kids and Parents

Dear students,

Our next concert will be on Thursday 12th of July at 16.00 !

Children will have a great opportunity to play at Concert hall of Van Kerkwijk Piano's piano shop!

This time parents will join us! Great!

Student's Concert on 14 December 2017

Dear Parents and Students!

You are very welcome to our Christmas concert at Enjoy!Kinderopvang on 14th of December 2017 . We start at 16.15! :)



New Cd is available now!

New CD of Aksana's recordings is available now! P.Tchaikovsky. The Seasons op 37b.

You can listen and buy it at Amazon, Spotify and CDBaby. Go on page Media to see the links.